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$6 Trillion Boondoggle

“A Trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there, pretty soon it can become some real money.”, said every politician from every political party everywhere. Just how much is a trillion dollars?

Well, if you spent one dollar second for as long as it takes. You gave up coffee breaks, and lunch, and dinner and sleep and did nothing but spend that money. It would take you 31,546 years to spend one trillion dollars.

One trillion seconds of ordinary clock time =(1012 sec)/( 3.16 x 107 sec/yr) = 31,546 years

Biden (if he gets his way) will put you into a debt of 6 trillion dollars by the end of the year. To Spend $6 Trillion on the same system, will take 189,276 years. Add to this sum an interest rate of 2% and compound that annually the supply of that money grows so much and…no surprise here…you will never be able to spend the full amount of the money…. EVER!

Think about that. If the government borrows that much money from bonds sold to foreign governments. When, if ever, will they pay the loans back? Foreign governments like China are not stupid. They really hope the US will default on their loans so they (the foreign governments) can wrest concessions away from the US.

Biden’s administration never met a condition they could not live without. Unconditional surrender to the Taliban, unconditional surrender to drug cartels and smugglers and anyone who wants to cross open borders, unconditional surrender to “big tech” companies, unconditional surrender to Iran demands for money and unfettered nuclear weapons development, and the list goes on.

When China demands repayment for the loans, the US will have to default. With this default will come unconditional surrender to Chinese demands. Likely these demands will be to allow Chinese hegemony in the South China Sea; selling out Taiwan; abandonment of any taxation on Chinese goods and services entering the US, and even allowing unfettered technology transfer. Biden will unconditionally surrender again!

Government overreach, abandonment of fiscal responsibility, and malevolent disregard for the injury of regressive taxation must be stopped. Article V of the Constitution and the Convention of States is the only place this is going to happen. The only way this can happen is through your involvement. Join the team. You do “have a dog in this fight”.

Sign the petition for California to join the Convention of States. Become a volunteer. Take back power from a ruthless, thoughtless government of elites and bureaucrats. Become one with “We the People”

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