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So What's Up With The Trump Hatred?

Strong, charming, handsome, mysterious and more. Who is Donald J Trump?

Since time is of the essence and I began this website a bit late in the game, I will skip all the boring biography information and get right to Trumps business adventures and Presidency.

Donald J. Trump is a true patriot who loves the United State of America and especially his home state New York. He had so much love and respect for his father and admiration. He followed in his footsteps to become a real estate developer and vowed to make it bigger and better.

Trump followed politics throughout his life. He always made sure he knew who was doing what and got involved as time went on. From the early 2000’s he would loosely talk about a run for the presidency but not many ever took him seriously. In 2012, Donald Trump had a discussion with Pastor Darrell Scott about running for president that year. They prayed together about it after dinner and Pastor Scott had serious doubts about Trumps wanting to run. The next morning, Pastor Scott woke feeling more positive about Trump running. Donald Trump phoned Pastor Scott and immediately told him he had decided it was not a good idea for him to run at that time.

Four more years of the Obama/Biden administration was enough for Donald Trump. He saw that administration start taking America in a direction he was not pleased with. So, in 2015, in glorious fashion coming down an escalator, Donald J. Trump announced he was going to run as the Republican candidate for President. The rest is history…

Not many billionaires will give up their lifestyles to become president. Really, I doubt any would give up gold in almost every room…give up living a lavish private behind the scenes lifestyle… give up running multiple real estate businesses to his children…put his families lives not only in public scrutiny day after day in front of the world, but in front of the FAKE NEWS…put his families lives in physical danger on a daily basis…and give up his Government paycheck to charity minus one dollar. Yes folks, he does NOT take more than one dollar ($1.00) per quarter of his paycheck.

President Trump has done so much for the United States of America since he has been in office (see previous blog). He does it for each and every individual in this country, not for him but for us! He saw where this country was headed from the previous administrations policies, or lack of. I genuinely believe God choose Trump to save America from the likes of evil such as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) [another blog] and George Soros. [another blog]

President Trump has not always said things that I have liked or agreed with. I really do not think Twitter suits him, but he is his own person. He has a right to say what he wants just as we do also. Twitter aside, look at what he has done for America and the people. Look at the policies and not what he says or how he says it. Not that he looks ‘orange’…who cares? It is what a person can bring to the table that matters. His energy is just ridiculous especially for his age! I have seen so many videos of him doing good for so many people. He has an incredibly good heart and loves the people of this country, of the world really.

President Trump has been nothing but harassed by the Democrats since he has been in office, even some of the never Trumper Republicans refuse to stand by him. I am not going to get into all the details of that now even though the fake news refuses to cover Hillary Clintons plans and has quickly dropped it! [another blog]

Do not even bring up the CCP Virus with me either! That was NOT Trumps fault. I personally am 100% satisfied with how he has handled it. You must remember he handles the federal level; the Governors handle the state level. Read the Constitution people and stop blaming Trump for everything! [another blog]

My point is this; if you have yet to vote, do some deep thinking and ask yourself, do you hate Trump more than you love your country? The future of your children, grandchildren could depend on it.

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