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An Immigrant Tale: Part 3.

Challenge + Courage = Opportunity

This is Part 3 of an interview with a first-generation American who immigrated legally to the US after escaping a communist totalitarian regime in Southeast Asia. Her struggles to come to our nation and start her new life took nearly four years (even with proper documentation and a US sponsor).

The following are her thoughts and comments on the wave of illegal immigrants swarming our borders today. She has strong words for the apologists and liberals who are destroying the very fabric of the nation.

In her words: “Life right now feels surreal. One moment I am living the life that I have dreamt of since I was a teenager than the next moment, I am slowly waking up or falling asleep, to something that is akin to a beginning of a mass hysteria. In a way, it's hubris to think that I am immune to the phenomenon of our past. How is the cancel culture different from the Salem witch trial? Are the accusers any different today? The accusers today with the assistant of social media are willing to destroy anyone who does not subscribe to their ever-evolving ideologies. Instead of accusations of witchcraft, it's racism and bigotry, white supremacy, anti-immigrant, and hatred of the poor. It has past the point of ridiculousness and moving into comical territory. I don't know a lot about white supremacy, but I am pretty sure Larry Elders is not a member of that club. I don't know how to explain what's going on right now other than mass hysteria.

WOKE hysteria is like the Salem Witch Trials

During the communist revolution, it was the proletariat that rose up to the fight for equality. Ironically today, it's the bourgeoise who claim to hold Marxist ideology to fight for injustice on behalf of a minority that they themselves are the oppressors. Capitalism is evil as they twit from their I-Phone or latest MAC Air while listening to their iTunes on the noise cancelling wireless Bose (earphones). When they casually throw around words like re-education camps or "enlightenment camps", it makes me nervous. Because despite what the left seems to think, people who are sent to re-education camp don't get to do yoga, talk about their feelings, to work through how the patriarchal system has caused their mental health issues, or that contributed to their racism and bigotry. People don't get to sit around, and sing "Imagine" by John Lennon.

Last year there was a small survey between Democrats and Republicans, which group would more likely call the authority on their neighbor for a mandate/social distancing violation. The Democrat was more likely to notify the authority on their neighbors. I was about 4-5 years old when I lived in communist Vietnam, I can still remember the neighbor who tried to entice me by offering me candy to admit that while we were "visiting" my mother's family, we tried to illegally leave the country.

What's happening to our education system with Marxist indoctrination. It is nothing less than terrifying but sadly not surprising. There have been reports of teachers asking their students to report if their parents are Trump supporters. That's not such a far cry from my girlfriend’s experience at school in Vietnam. Her 3rd grade teacher asked all the students in class to repeat what their parents discusses at home, and they will be rewarded.

Social justice warriors v. police

Perhaps, it's morbid for me to think that some of these morally superior Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) of today are tomorrow's Pol Pot and Robespierre. What always happens when the people who don't have a whole lot to lose (and little prospect to achieve greatness on their own) self-actualize? Dictatorship, authoritarian, brutality ultimately, causes great sufferings upon others. I feel like this country is being steered by the SJWs who demand “safe space” because conflict is too traumatizing. But that's not true, is it. This country is being steered by the unseen hands that are using the SJW movement to keep everyone toeing the line and get others to destroy anyone with who disagrees with their agenda. I still believe the world can be a magical place, I just don't believe in “magical bricks” that conveniently appear at a "spontaneous" protest site. What I haven't figured out is why would the “Intelligentsia” support Marxism. Are they so naive as to think that they will be part of the ruling class if the revolution they are demanding happens? Have they not read what happened to the intellectuals in a communist revolution? For those who don't know, they were the first ones who got killed off. Humans are an excessively prideful bunch. They are always the exception, no matter how history and reality presents itself. It's like all those past lives regression I read about. I haven't heard of anyone who've regressed to a life of poverty and misery. Most regress to a life of riches and power. As far as I know, there have been at least 35 Cleopatras.

Obviously, the world is not black or white. There are just as many bad people on the right as there on the left, but the current zeitgeist fueled by the leftist agenda is destroying lives. They claimed to be the champions of the poor, yet with inflation and their green deal, the poor are greatly impacted, through higher food prices and fuel prices. Of course, inflation is due to the preppers that are driving demands, not the bad policy and mismanagement by the government. Lower social economic kids have lost a year of school. These kids are unlikely to catch up that lost year. My friend was able to pay for private tutoring for her child. A low-income family isn't going to be able afford the tutoring fee. I forget which study shows that these socially economic disadvantage kids will make hundreds of thousands less in their lifetime, furthering the income gap. The mandates had very limited impact for higher income earners, the white-collar workers, especially in the tech industry. The very group that mostly identity as progressive. They support the defund the police, the rights of homeless and unobstructed illegal immigration. They aren't affected by their choices. They aren't the ones who have or willing to live the consequences their decisions. They can afford to hire their own security to their neighborhood to keep homeless and crime out. They were all for defund the police and homeless rights until the homelessness became a problem in their neighborhood and crime at their doorsteps. But what the heck, if they can show others, they are "enlightened", "woke" and they are part of the cool tribe, that's all that matters, right? The only reason the US is in chaos and disordered is due to the uneducated, ignoramus, idiots who don't care about anyone of themselves. “

The author worked her way through school. She graduated from an excellent college with a B.S. degree in Business/Accounting. She has a solid career in a Fortune 500 company. She now has two children. Her husband is a US Citizen who works in the financial sector.

Government Overreach, immigration reform, term limits are all items of focus for the Convention of States and Article V which is the pathway to real change in an increasingly authoritarian administration. Please join with us to hold the Convention of States by signing the petition. Volunteer your energy and time. There are great places to serve.


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