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An Immigration Tale: Part 2

Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

This Part 2 of an interview with a first-generation American who immigrated legally to the US after escaping a communist totalitarian regime in Southeast Asia. Her struggles to come to our nation and start her new life took nearly four years (even with proper documentation and a US sponsor).

The following are her thoughts and comments on the wave of illegals immigrants swarming our borders today. She has strong words for the apologists and liberals who are destroying the very fabric of the nation.

“I feel like I am currently living in a “Bizzaro” world.”

“Should we respect the immigrants by not forcing them to learn English and to integrate into mainstream society?”

“So, you want to limit immigrants' opportunities by allowing them to only qualify for menial low paying jobs”

“We need to support minority owned business”:

“A lot of immigrants dream of owning their own business. They work hard, skimp, and save to open a business to call their own. What happened during this pandemic in blue cities? The mandates have the most adverse repercussion to small businesses. A lot of which is owned by minorities and immigrants”

Apparently only illegal immigrants have rights

Immigrants have rights

“Apparently only illegal immigrants have rights. Legal immigrants have chosen to do the right thing and following the due process don't count. By allowing the illegal immigrants to come into the country unfettered, it lowers the wages and opportunities for the legal ones. It's racist to think that immigrants want handouts. I won't deny that some do but end of the day, do we want people who don't want or care about improving themselves to come to this country? That for whatever reasons, America owes them something and they are entitled to live a good life without working for it. Do we need any more moochers in this country? Most people come here for a better life. It's human nature to want to feel they can and do have what it takes to be successful if they worked hard enough. To lower the bar because they aren't "capable" is the height of racism. One of my mother's friends came to the US with nothing. Now he and his wife are multiple millionaires who live in a big house on a bluff in San Diego and own houses all over the US. My mother, cousin and I came to the US with a suitcase of donated clothes and $20 dollars. Now my mother has a nice pension and retirement fund. One of my cousins paid off her house which is worth over a $1 Million. The other cousin's house is worth close to $1 Million. My two cousins came to the US when they were older and didn't have the opportunity for higher education. They still managed to eke out a living and create opportunities for themselves. The fact is some immigrants are not going to be able to have that American dream but given time and willingness to work hard, they achieve a life that is 1000% better than if they hadn't immigrated. My family and I made scarifies and worked hard to be where to are today. It is insulting to be accused of being "privileged" because we made good choices.”

“Liberals demanding that illegal immigrates should be automatically allowed into this country regardless.”

“They demand they everyone is treated equally yet they are advocating for policies that create a subclass in our society, the non-citizen. It is so baffling to me when I hear immigrants at the bordered complaining that haven't been processed for weeks or a couple of months. The liberals protest the inhuman treatment and wait time. A lot of these people don't even have identification papers to prove that they are who they claimed to be. We had our identification. We had a sponsor that signed an affidavit to affirm who we are. We were still in the refugee camps for 18 months. There are always going to be the ones who complained and feel entitled that they should be able to enter any country they want, usually it's the country with the most social services and in their own time frame. For the most part, humans are resilient and when push comes to shove, they are survivors. Just because the people who need safe space are fragile, it doesn't mean the people of the rest of the world are.”

Human trafficking crime on the border

"White slave trade is increasing at an alerting rate, especially at the border”.

“I find it telling that the morally superior, woke crowd have time to organize and protest Trump’s "inhumane treatment" of immigrant's, "kids in cages", against the patriarchal social structure, women's rights, women's empowerment, me too but too busy to do anything about women and girls being sold into slavery by the cartel and ganged raped at the border. The hashtag should be #we care about "you" but really, it's all about me.

When I was in a refugee camp, two young women were brought in. I remember adults were talking about them. Their boat was met by pirates. The pirates killed everyone, except these two women but the women were raped so many times that they had a mental breakdown. They couldn't take care of themselves nor could even tell anyone who they are. Just like recently a senator met an 11 yrs. old girl who was ganged raped so many times that she starts screaming when she sees people. I asked where's the outrage, where's the protest and demand for justice for these women and girls? People protesting the death of a pedophile who has abused 11 boys between 9 and 11. They are protesting for slavery that happen over a hundred of years ago yet, the slavery that is happening today is ignored. How does this make any sense?”

The author worked her way through school. She graduated from an excellent college with a B.S. degree in Business/Accounting. She has a solid career in a Fortune 500 company. She now has two children. Her husband is a US Citizen who works in the financial sector.

In Part 3 She discusses the current “woke” culture and its similarities to tyrannical Marxist regimes.

Government Overreach, immigration reform, term limits are all items of focus for the Convention of States and Article V which is the pathway to real change in an increasingly authoritarian administration. Please join with us to hold the Convention of States by signing the petition. Volunteer your energy and time. There are great places to serve.


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