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Another Dimension

So Let's Discuss the Middle Ground Between Light and Shadow

I have been working on a long research blog to post, but I have a lot in my head I need to flush out so going to spit out an opinion blog. Although I do countless hours of research on a lot of the hot topics, I will more than likely not be attaching many, if any links unless legally needed. So, if you want facts to back up what I regurgitate, please ask me and I will get them on this blog. I will not state something without saying it is just my opinion. Otherwise, it is more than likely a fact I have read and or heard about. I hope this provides you with deep thought and the desire to do further research.

One of my favorite shows when I was younger was the old black and white Twilight Zone. It was mesmerizing and took you away for a half hour, into a different dimension. Rod Serling had that voice that just sucked you in along with his opening monologue. We, the American people are living in the twilight zone right now. We are being brought into a different dimension via manipulation and ideas that many of us did not ask for. The opening monologue has sucked us in and kept us tuned in for months, only to keep seeing new Twilight Zone stories lines appear day after day. I would much rather have Rod Serling holding the key, but it is being held by the mainstream media, big tech, big Pharma, Hollywood, Government, George Soros, Globalists and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

January 2020 brought in a new year like we have never seen before. The world was told of a new virus that was spreading in Wuhan China and being shown on televisions with images of victims dropping dead on sidewalks and streets. The mortality rate in Wuhan quickly grew and President Trump informed the American citizens of the CCP Virus and set travel ban at the end of January. Governor Cuomo said there was no need to worry as Mayor De Blasio said holding the annual Chinese New Year Parade would be safe. Speaker of the House Pelosi walked through China town in San Francisco arm and arm with people all while hugging them. The mainstream media was happy to cover this circus act while airing Joe Biden calling President Trump xenophobic over and over so much, you began to question if it were actually true!

This entire Covid-19 or CCP Virus as I call it, is just another way to enter, the Twilight Zone. CCP Virus was unleashed on the United States/World as a bioweapon, not a deadly virus that was accidentally released in a lab in Wuhan because of a crazy lab working bat loving lady and or a wet market. I am not a conspiracy theory person one bit but, I have done plenty of research on it and follow Dr. Li-Meng Yan from China and believe what she has studied. Since her defecting from China to the US, her mother has been arrested. Please pray for her as I am sure this is a method the CCP is using to get Dr. Yan to return.

Dr. Judy Mikovits is another virologist that I follow and believe what she has to say. Dr. Mikovits was blessed, or cursed to work with the “World Renowned Dr. Anthony Fauci” (media title, not mine) in her earlier years. You must look up her Plandemic video that has been banned on several platforms. She goes into detail about that time and how crooked Dr. Fauci is. Dr. Mikovits also details about how humans can contract a virus via a vaccine. She was arrested in 2009 after publishing her findings. I 100% believe her on this and I will hopefully tonight, update my “About Me” page and explain why…it HAS affected me personally.

As cases from the CCP Virus grew, life went on as usual with reports that we as citizens needed to be responsible and wash our hands, do not touch our face. Disinfectant sprays and wipes were nowhere to be found along with toilet paper. Then it started coming in stronger….no hand shaking, no hugging. CDC is not sure how the transmission takes place yet, but just DO NOT HUG, DO NOT HANDSHAKE, AND STAND 6 FEET APART. Middle of March the spiral into the Zone grew bigger…WEAR A FACE MASK IF YOU FEEL SICK! They only work for people if they are sick…oh no but wait! Two weeks later (give or take) now EVERYONE MUST WEAR A MASK! You see it? Everyone is following what they say, so more rules are added in, little by little. Now they throw in lock downs because we were all really behaving so very well. It will only be for two weeks. We must obey so we get rid of this ‘bat virus.’

Every day the Governor of California came out to address the good boys and girls and tell us all that he is sorry, but we must stay locked down longer. We must wear masks longer. Small businesses must stay closed longer. Churches and places of worship and NOT allowed! Restaurants are to remain closed except for carry out, or outside seating, unless it is the French Laundry hosting a party of the elite 12. No traveling and especially for Thanksgiving, unless you are the elite and going to Hawaii for a few days. Eat with a mask on, drink with a mask on, no more than three families per household, no singing, do this, do that…are you understanding this yet?

The more people obey these orders and mandates, the more will be placed. This is not just for my state either. Look at Michigan, Queen Whitmer must exchange notes with Sir Grewsome. They then fax them to Prince Cuomo in New York, and he adds the idiot twist for his state which earns him an Emmy award for best what? Fairy Twittlefoot in Chicago dances in the street without a mask then places a mandate with jail time and brushes off her not wearing a mask, just gotta let loose every now and again. In Philadelphia everyone age 2 and older must wear a mask inside their own home!! Enforced by the mask patrol? Are you all really buying into this? They all get to do what they want to do when they want to do it while mandating the citizens in their states and cities to do NOTHING!!! STAY HOME WITH A MASK ON AND BE GOOD! The mainstream media covers all of it and plays it over and over while you all sit in front of your televisions with your eyes on your cheeks. I see people in their cars, alone, wearing face masks…why? Is there a CCP Virus gremlin in there? WE ARE IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

Lockdowns do not work just like masks are not going to work (if they did why are we still doing it). The only thing masks are doing right now are covering our smiles, our joy, our happiness and most of all, our voices (if you allow). That is what is being accomplished with this brainwashing you are placing upon yourself with the Communist News Network (CNN), MSNDC, ABC, CBS, FOX NEWS NETWORK (I have told my friends for months to stop watching them) NPR, and on and on. There are a handful of news outlets I trust: Real Americas Voice News, The Blaze (Glenn Beck), Newsmax (Yes I know who has ownership in it), The Epoch Times, OANN, and a few more (see link page). I watch RAVN a lot, especially The National Pulse and War Room Pandemic but, I still take the information I hear on their broadcasts and continue to research it. I am not going to rely on someone on a screen to TELL me what I should believe or not believe. You too should take what you hear and research it and not stare at a screen while you spiral into the twilight zone of George Soros funded bias media. This is part of their plan…

It is disgusting to me what the mainstream media reports on and how they treat HUMAN BEINGS. Just yesterday, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is with a group of President Trumps attorney’s holding a press conference. Giuliani is sweating and there is a brown drip coming down his face by his ear. All the lame stream media could tweet about and speak about is Giuliani’s hair dye dripping down his face. Media does not want the American people to know what is really going on when it comes to President Trump. There is no election fraud to them and although very trustworthy well-established attorneys are stating they have evidence and affidavits, the media still says there is no election fraud. All they care about is telling you “Orange man bad,” he has killed 230,000 Americans with the CCP Virus and Joe Biden is President Select. “Get out of the White House orange man so the socialists can move in and Make America Socialist Kumbaya!” Oh, and do not forget, you must know how extremely serious the CCP Virus is even though the survival rate is over 99% if you are under the age of 70. If you are 70 and older you still have decent odds at 94.6% with no underlying conditions. CCP Virus cases and death toll only runs along the bottom of every news feed all day. It is ALL MEANT TO BRAINWASH YOU INTO FEAR SO YOU LISTEN AND BEHAVE! You had BETTER behave! Did any mainstream media outlet ever report on Hunter Biden's laptop? C’mon Man!

There was a time that the citizens of the United States of America were trusted to make their own decisions regarding health. Starting in September if you step foot in a doctor’s office you are ASKED if you would like an influenza vaccine and you can say no, end of story. Don't hear much about the flu this year huh? Now that two Big Pharma companies have developed the CCP Virus Vaccine thanks to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, (convenient they only came out with the vaccine after media called Biden President Select) companies are already mandating vaccines. Ticketmaster is the first to enter the twilight zone of mandated CCP Virus vaccines. If you want to go to a concert or an event that tickets are sold by Ticketmaster, you must have proof of having had the vaccine. Well, as a big concert goer I will no longer be one. Anxious to see how that all turns out. Maybe the first band can be R.E.M performing “It’s the End of The World” …and I feel fine.

No longer do we have a justice system in our country that is 100% fair and remains IN our justice system, I will explain. Our justice system has been under attack for years now. If you are a person of power and have money, it is easy to not only throw some bills at a DA or a judge and watch crimes get swept under the rug, but now, with a good amount of money you just place that corrupt politician in office. George Soros, a name you will see many times in my blogs, uses his billions of dollars to fund political campaigns of certain individuals. Now I can only assume and voice my opinion as to why he does this since the man is old. He once said some years ago that his goal in life was to destroy America. There is no better way to accomplish this than to help crooked people take office and destroy America from within. This happens in primarily Democratic areas, but it is working from the outside edges of our country inward. Soros has even made sure our justice system on the streets of American communities now.

After the death of George Floyd, it was easy to continue with the plan to destroy America. BLM and Antifa are both partially funded by Soros. There is actually a training center for BLM in the mid-west. These riots and whatever you want to call them, were a perfect display of dividing our country, and blaming it on President Trump. Enter the media and they ran with it! The couple in Missouri that used their 2nd amendment rights to protect their property from BLM/Antifa that broke through THEIR GATES ON THEIR PROPERTY were charged with bogus charges by a DA that was backed by yours truly, George Soros. BLM/Antifa had just taken it upon themselves to play judge, jury and executioner regarding the George Floyd death.

Any unfortunate incident that happens in America now, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it, protests, although they end up in looting and destruction, begin almost immediately. Well, let me clarify that opinionated statement; any incident that includes a cop and a person of color ends up with BLM/Antifa taking to the streets. I have yet to see them riot after an INNOCENT killing of a black child caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting. I did not see any rioting after innocent cops were being slain because they were cops. Or that young boy out riding his bicycle while his sister witnessed him being murdered in his own front yard. Sad I can not I do not remember that little boy’s name, yet I can blurt out George Floyd no problem at all! It has been talked about so much in the news it has been programmed in my brain. But ask any media outlet and we are the systematically racist white privileged Klan loving folks needing to be sent to training camps and be taught to be human again. If creepy Joe Select takes office in January, we will be part of the Trump supporter blacklist that has already been started! Thank you, AOC, I hope my name is at the top!

Large media organizations play a huge part in programming Americans into thinking how they want us to, but big tech has gradually caught up, maybe even taken over. Social media was a great concept years ago when it was first developed. Being able to connect with friends across the country and to stay in touch was awesome. But as social media grew, so did the money and the power for the CEO’s. They all started using that power in 2015/2016 during the primary elections. Four years later the big tech giants made good on their promise to censor advertisements for presidential candidates. Only problem was 90% of the censorship was on the right. I googled Donald Trump a couple days ago and there were no signs of his website on there. Google collects as much information about anyone who uses their platform as possible.

Many conservatives had lost thousands of followers then were either permanently or temporarily banned from Twitter and or Facebook. I would say 90% of everything President Trump posts on Twitter is flagged as misinformation. Yet AOC and Omar can tweet about putting Trump supporters on a list to be punished, calling Trump rallies Klan gatherings and there is no censorship in site. Try searching YouTube for Dr. Judy Mikovits videos and there are not too many left to watch. Plandemic was banned long ago from YouTube but if you want to watch Cardi B WAP, no problem! If you post something that does not align with their beliefs, it will quickly be slapped with censorship tags on it. Third party Soros backed censorship using mostly algorithms. Money has given these big tech giants the power to play god with everyone that uses their platforms, using Section 230 to their advantage and removing our 1st amendment rights.

Hollywood could be an entire blog by itself, but I will try to make just a couple points. Naked ballots during a voting year get you commercials from Hollywood actors posing nude saying naked ballots are okay. The “woke” moment got us stars telling us white people are not okay while the white ones apologized for being white…we must repent and be a part of BLM, if not you are a racist. The National Anthem no longer matters in the United States of America, but the Black Anthem does and please, take a knee for Old Glory. Criminal’s names are being placed on jerseys and helmets in athletic teams, but yet Cowboys were not allowed to honor murdered law enforcement officers, and if you dare try to speak up against it, you are shamed into being woke! You MUST apologize!! A mediocre football quarter back player made famous for disrespecting millions who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, makes the news no problem for calling for the immediate release of cop killers! Do you see know how this twilight zone has taken us to a different dimension?

These things I have spoken about are so similar to what the CCP does in China. It is mind manipulation to get people to behave and comply with CCP law and order. Do what they want you to do, not as they do. The CCP controls what is played on television in China and what is taught in the schools. It is all meant to control their minds and keep them in line with CCP beliefs. If you are a business, you cannot put out a flyer or advertisement without first asking the CCP. There is a spiritual belief in China started in the early 1990’s called Falun Gong. After nearly 50 years of communism, Chinese people were searching for an outlet and discovered this type of meditation. It became a huge following and grew around China in its popularity. This angered the CCP and they began punishing followers of Falun Gong by publicly beating them, trying to get others to see what their beliefs would lead to. They would question these believers after beating them if they still believed in Falun Gong, if they continued to say yes, they were taken to prison camps. The CCP would continue to beat and torture these prisoners until they complied. If they did not comply, they never left the camps. Many died there from starvation if they did not die from torture first. The CCP now capitalizes on this by killing them and using their organs for transplant.

The American government may not be as extreme as the CCP, yet, but we are not that far behind. Our government now has radical leftist that have been leaders in the BLM group. If a Democrat is not far enough left, those like AOC and Omar will push them to the left as much as they can. Here is a part of a documentary on communism. We are not free like we used to be , living our own lives. Not in the year 2020 at all, but it has been leading up to it over years through mind conditioning.

Many say our divided nation is because of President Trump. I do not see it that way at all. When Obama took office, I started seeing the divide with his speeches and after the riots in Ferguson MO. He had no problem telling us all why those riots were happening. That is when BLM started, but they just went away after that. Biden and Harris had problems denouncing the BLM/Antifa riots in our country. Harris started a fundraiser in Minneapolis to provide bail money to rioters arrested. They should be rioting she said more than once to the media. The extra money went towards bail for rapists and attempted murders. This is the woman that is proud of a criminal in Wisconsin that was charged with domestic abuse and rape.

For years changes have been made to our educational system in order to be ‘politically correct’ in a country that stands up or should be standing up for values based on the 1st Amendment. When I was in grade school, we started every day with the pledge of allegiance; it has slowly been faded out. It is okay to wear a BLM shirt to school, but you will receive detention if you wear a pro Trump shirt. I have seen BLM posters hung by teachers in grade school classes, and a Pulitzer prize 1619 program was being pushed to educated children. 1619 is not history at all, it is a fictional tale on slavery. God has been removed from schools as not to offend any non-believers. Merry Christmas is now Happy Holidays, the song “Baby it’s Cold Outside” was banned because it was sexists, classic Disney cartoon movies now have a disclaimer saying they may be seen as racist, the Washington Redskins are something lame now, sales of gas powered cars will be banned by 2035 in CA, social distancing and face masks are the new norm, and the list goes on and on.

We are no longer trusted by these larger than us entities to be responsible grown adults who can make decisions on our own. Media has been conditioning us for years to think the way they want us to while the education system has been brainwashing our children for years teaching Marxism/socialism. It is a social mind conditioning. The CCP Virus was dumped upon the US in perfect timing to throw off the most important election of at least my lifetime, and maybe it worked but I seriously pray it has not. If Creepy Joe takes office in January 2021, Crazy Nancy will begin her implementation of the 25th amendment. We will then be bowing down to Commander in Chief Harris which is a very frightening thought. If the senate race in Georgia is won by the Democrats, well I hate to think of what will happen then, just pray!

The CCP are pushing blame on Italy, claiming they started the CCP Virus. China barely reports any new cases of the virus daily, and it has been like this for months. How did they nearly remove the virus from their country of a 1.4 billion population so fast? There are so many big names involved with all of this very well thought out planning, they go beyond the spiral in the twilight zone. They ALL do not want President Trump in office for another four years. He has proven himself to not be a politician, be for the people and to fight for us all, whether you voted for him or not.

It all may seem so surreal, like 2020 is just the year that should not exist, but it was not just an idea, nor was it your imagination, there was a key that opened a door, to the twilight zone.

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