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Biden Hates the Working Family

Everything the Biden Administration has done has punished the hard-working American family.


I am talking about you and me, brother. A great percentage of our income goes to heat our homes, propel our cars and trucks, and feed our families. Biden’s inflation of the economy hits us like a new tax. Everything costs us more. The lower our annual income, the greater we feel the increases in food, gas, heating oil, water, sewer, electricity, and everything else we have to buy to stay alive. The suggested 95% tax on prescription medicine is an unholy assault on our health and welfare.


Layer this insane assault on our ability to “keep our heads above water” on top of the institutionalized lawlessness foisted upon us by Biden’s minions in the states and local governments and we the people are suffering. Stores close. We are not safe to shop in our own streets. Prices and services reflect the carnage of mob looting and failure to punish crimes.


When people are being slowly starved, when criminals run amok, unpunished, and unrepentant, when we no longer have borders to protect us from ravenous hordes all we have is a failed state. In the less-developed-world this could be called genocide. But for us it is called “Build Back Better”. What a sham. The only ones getting better are the few, the powerful, the political elite and their self-serving, protected family members. And, oh yes, the reparations we must now pay to illegals for breaking our laws, busting our borders, and emptying our treasury!!! If it is “one red cent” it is too much!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with it. It is one thing to be an incompetent (perhaps incontinent) failed leader. It is another to willfully destroy our safety. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, clearly means nothing to Biden. His agenda desecrates all that we fought for in our War of Independence. He is a failure, a fraud, and must be brought down.


The last great hope is in the Convention of States. Through Article V of the Constitution, we can rein in the over-reach of this grasping, dishonest, and rapine central government. It must be done before we lose all hope of surviving as a state, as a nation, as the last free people on the planet.

You can help. Sign the petition, Volunteer some time and effort. There is much to be done and much that you can do.


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