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Andre (The Giant) Roussimoff

Surging crime in our cities combined with reluctance of prosecution and weak-kneed punishments (if any) make all of us feel unsafe. Is it time to bring back the Brute Squad to protect us when our government has failed?

Perhaps you recall that classic movie “The Princess Bride” in which Andre (The Giant) Roussimoff starred as a good guy “brute” using his power and size to help the hero get the girl. In the movie the “government agents” were the bad guys. In fact, the leader of that movie government was the head bad guy! Looking at California today and the tragic destruction of law and order in our major cities, this is our reality.

“As goes California, so goes the nation!”

Erosion of law and order is becoming “no law and order” in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Criminals are not pursued. Crimes are not investigated or charged. When a rare crime is charged and the endangered species, called perpetrator, is caught, and prosecuted, the punishment is laughable. It is no punishment at all. Crime and certainty of punishment is a joke.

Looters Targeting Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles

Businesses are closing because they cannot operate in safety. Stores like CVS, Walgreens and Target have closed stores all over California. The theft of product makes staying in business stupid. Stores are no longer there to provide products and services to the public. They are open only to provide free stuff for the criminals. And the “criminals” love it!

If the cops can’t protect you or your business, if the courts don’t hold bad guys for trial, if the punishments for crime are not serious then there is no “law and order”. It becomes “everybody for themselves” and the order of society faces total collapse.

What can you do? The safety of yourself, your family, and your property are paramount to a basic right, “the pursuit of happiness”. You can defend. If this defense is promulgated upon having and using a gun the current government’s assault on the 2nd Amendment will take away that option. Then what will you do? Can you hire a “Brute Squad” to protect you and your family?

Short answer is yes. In the US today there are hundreds of “private security” firms. Internationally, there are private armies for hire. One can build a fortress in which to live. Does this sound like a return to feudalism? It is.

Mob loots store in San Francisco

Urban criminals no longer abide by the rules of law. Your private “Brute Force” which will protect yourself and your property may be the solution. Bad guys only understand punishment for their actions. Since our government won’t do that to protect us, perhaps we should do it for ourselves. Hence the “bring back brute squads” to prevent crime against people and property.

The difference between private security and “brute squads”: private guards and private security officers are only there to observe and report; “brute squads” are there to stop crime as it happens and to punish the criminals. Yes, that is brutal. Yes, it does not follow the system of jurisprudence in the country. How about that. The criminals do not follow the law, why should we the victims?

change “we the victims” back into “we the people”!

It is time to change “we the victims” back into “we the people”! This is NOT vigilante justice. That is justice after the fact. I am talking about reaction to prevent crimes. A “Brute Squad” outside and inside stores targeted by looting mobs would instantly truncate these insane thefts, and assaults. Putting a little “assault” on a looting mob would make them stop this time and rethink their malicious crimes next time.

It is the failure of the federal government to protect citizens. To make government accountable to “we the people” means some change. The path to real change is through Article V of the Constitution and the Convention of States. You can help. Sign the petition. Join as a volunteer. There are many ways to serve and to make a difference.


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