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So Let Me Tell You About My Other Love

I Love college football, and I am taking a small break from politics to watch my team, Nebraska Cornhuskers! I deserve head has been buried in political research the past two weeks.

Yay! Huskers just intercepted the ball from Northwestern! Whoot Whoot! Anyway, I will say this about politics (td by Huskers now!); this game is brought to you in part by President Trump! Remember he spoke with the Big Ten Commissioner to help get the Big Ten back to participating in the college football program this season as it had been cancelled.

My mom was born in Nebraska and was a Husker fan along with my dad. I was born and breed into being Cornhusker die hard. I prefer to watch the games in a different place than my dad! The man takes them very seriously as if he has money on them!

It has been years since my beloved Huskers has been a top ranked team. Tom Osbourne was a great coach and a great coach the team has lacked since his retirement.

Scott Frost took over as head coach three years ago, leaving a great UCF team he helped to succeed. I have faith that he will do it with the Huskers also, it will just take time. After QB Martinez graduates it will improve I believe. Really not sure why Frost has so much faith in him. Martinez is no Frazier or Crouch and lacks in long passes and taking the option (opinion). Mcaffery is much better but doesn't get the play time needed to improve his QB skills. I have faith in Frost as he was a great Husker in the 90's and making the Huskers great again is his passion!

On My bucket list, is to go see a Nebraska Cornhusker game at their home Memorial Stadium in a sea of red! I have another goal with that, but that I will work on after this election debacle is over and resolved.

For today, I hope many of you all are taking a break from the REAL news and enjoying some football. Eat some pizza, wings and throw back a couple beers (at home) and relax! Be American...while you can!

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