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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

So Let's Discuss This Peachy State!

Georgia, sweet Georgia, what is wrong with the peach state? More than Ray Charles wished he could ever see (nothing toward Mr. Charles). The peach state is full of pits in a time our country is seeking answers.

November 3, 2020 election began to look like a landslide victory for President Trump after the polls closed across the nation. Apart from the normal ‘blue’ states including mine, CA (I still do not believe the results). As the night went on and morning started to come, I literally watched the numbers begin to shift, drastically. I honestly thought that Georgia was going to be called for President Trump as I tried to go to sleep. As I saw the numbers shift from red to blue, I could not sleep, so I started doing some research and I have not stopped!

California was of course my number one concern for over a week, and I dug in as much as I could with my Nancy Drew skills, turning it over to a contact when I was finished. To myself I thought “my work is done here.” Nah, I am too much of a patriot to let that happen, especially when I can see what an utter mess Georgia is in. PBS covered the Dominion Voting System used in Georgia (also used in CA and over half of the US). Alex Halderman, a professor of Computer Sciences and board member of Verified Voting warned, “I’m worried that the Georgia system is the technical equivalent to the 737 MAX. They have just made a last-minute software change that might well have unintended consequences and cause even more severe problems on Election Day.” I would never fly on a 737. (PLEASE WATCH VIDEO)

Folks, I am not just speaking of the Presidential race in the peach state doing battle, I am talking about the Senate race. There were two Senate seats that were not filled after the 2020 elections since none of the candidates received a majority of the votes. Incumbent Kelly Loeffler (R) is running against Reverend Raphael Warnock (D) while incumbent David Perdue (R) is running against Jonathan (Jon) Ossoff (D). On January 5, 2021 Georgian’s will cast their votes for THE most critical Senate race in the history of the United States of America. It is critical that the Republican candidates win the Senate seats, especially if President Trump loses his fight to remain POTUS 45 another four years. Just as the fight for 45 is an up-hill battle, so is the fight for the Republicans to win the Senate seats.

Remaining bipartisan while I am writing a blog is not usually ‘too’ difficult. However, after doing days of research for this particular one, I have tossed bipartisanship out the proverbial window. The forces of evil lay heavily upon this country right now and much of that evil is headed to the peach state. Governor Kemp (R) who has for the most part gone M.I.A. and seems to have abandoned his duties, is doing nothing about the ballot fraud accusations. Brad Raffensperger (Secretary of State) has either been bought or just does not care. Seems how he has a known "friendship" with Stacey Abrams I am thinking he is in the money.

The Senate candidates: incumbent David Perdue (R) native Georgian with 40 years of business experience, Jon Ossoff (D) who publicly announced his disgust of Trump supporters, Kelly Loeffler (R) farm girl and first in family with a college degree, and anti-American Reverend Raphael Warnock, hold America in their hands. The biggest voice for the Democrats right now is Marxist Stacey Abrams who will stop at nothing to get the Democrats elected to the Senate.

Stacey Abrams is a progressive Democrat who ran for Governor in 2018, raising an impressive $27 million plus during this race. She was backed by then Senator Harris and brought in hefty donations from George Soros and family along with some of his nonprofits.[{1|gro=d-eid

Even though Abrams managed to get some strong supporters, she lost to Brian Kemp by 55,000 votes. To this day, Abrams has yet to concede and has even called herself the governor. After her loss, she went on a mission to bring attention to voter suppression and has worked hard to register voters not only in Georgia, but across the country. Earning herself a personal thank you from Hillary Clinton after Joe Biden was called President Select by the lame stream media. Now Abrams is on a new mission; a mission to bring additional evil into Washington D. C., his name is Reverend Raphael Warnock.

Stacey Abrams believes in her radical mind that Rev. Warnock is what Georgia needs to help fight against voter suppression, economic access, and social injustices. Abrams failed to mention that Warnock will help spread his hatred for law enforcement, Trump supporters and Israel. Did she mention that Warnock supports socialism, wants to take away your guns, is a big supporter of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and is Pro Abortion…yes, you read that right, Reverend Warnock IS Pro Abortion! The only advantage to Warnock winning would be, that he would hopefully no longer preach his hatefulness!

To date, Rev. Warnock has raised nearly $22 million for his campaign. Some of it he can thank Stacey Abrams for, part of it I am sure could be traced to the BLM website donations that go directly to ActBlue, and quite a few large donations are from none other than George Soros and family along with some of his nonprofits.[{1|gro=d-eid This run off is more important to Globalist George Soros than it is to Abrams. He is vested in seeing that the Democrats fill the Senate seats come January. If you have read my previous blog regarding the man of the hour, you will know that he will stop at nothing to bring America down. He donates millions of dollars to liberal democratic candidates such as Abrams. Abrams was featured on the Soros funded website EMILY's List which sponsors women seeking a seat in politics.

The Republican incumbents unfortunately do not have this type of financial backing that the crooked left does. Some liberals have suggested that supporters move to GA, register to vote, then move back to their home state, which is illegal. They go house to house to register voters, encouraging them to vote Democrat or vote for the elderly and or disabled. They will stop at nothing, even if it is illegal, to get the Democrats in the Senate seats so they can control the country. If you know someone in the great peach state, send them this blog so they know the facts before there is no peace to find.

Just as I finished this blog and was waiting for one of my proof readers final approval, Just The News released a breaking news article regarding the lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell.

The link above will take you to the article and also at the top of my home page. Also, I have provided the 104 page complaint here for your reading pleasure.

Download • 712KB

2/11/2021 UPDATE:

I'm sure most of you by now know that both of the incompetent candidates 'won' the Georgia run off. There really has not been much publicity about either evil entity since they have been sworn in, until now. Seems the racist, cop hating, Trump hating Warnock has made it in the news along with the "I will not concede" governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams. Not surprising to me...these liberals always seem to show their true colors in the end.

Georgia's Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger suddenly wants to do his job, and investigate and organization, New Georgia Project for alleged voter misconduct. This organization was founded by no other that her hein-ass, (Yes I misspelled that intentionally) Stacey Abrams. Abrams is still so hung up on voter suppression that she would rather push to deliver 1,300 registered voters applications past the due date, than follow laws.

I will let you read the entire article here: Democrat Ga. Sen. Warnock referred for criminal voter misconduct | One America News Network (

One final point; Where was Raffensperger after November 3, 2020? Anyone? Hello??

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