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How to Train Your Criminal

The Biden Administration and other state governments and large cities administrations are actively organizing and training a permanent, criminal, social underclass.

San Francisco Shoplifters Running from Store

It starts with defunded police and law enforcement agencies like, ICE, CPB and local police departments. Then they add no cash bail, catch and release. Next comes “no charge criminal acts” like shoplifting up to $950 per incident. Then come “no enforcement of traffic code violations”. These actions are followed up by reduction in felonies to misdemeanors for crimes against property and persons. In those rare cases which do get charged and prosecuted, sentences are reduced to zero or time served, and the “perps” walk free.

Combine all of these “protect and serve failures” and you have a graduate course in criminal behavior which is not just “unpunished” but is actually rewarded by our government.

Start with an open invitation to “everyone” in the world to crash our borders and invade a “land of milk and honey”. When you cross our borders illegally you are willfully and knowingly breaking our laws. We will not punish you. No, instead we will richly reward you with food, medicine, shelter, clothes, cash money, and a simple and clear path to citizenship. If the current legislation is approved you will be given $450,000 per person in cash, at once, for breaking this law. (Wow! Who wouldn’t want to do this? Hell, even I want to do this, and I am already here!)

Without the $450,000 cash incentive, we have an annual criminal invasion of more than two million people per year. To the “apprehended” one million seven hundred thousand people add in the known “gottaways” of four hundred thousand and the unknown number of “gottaways” estimated at another three hundred thousand people. Our annual invite is now enrolling 2,500,000 brand new lawbreakers into the government’s graduate school of crime and our homes.

To give each and everyone of these scofflaws $450,000 will mean tax dollars must increase to pay this bill. That means a new tax of $112,500,000,000.00 paid by you and me. That is a tax increase and body blow to the family budget of about $37,500.00 per person per year. How stupid is that?

Big Box Store Shoplifter

To break the law the first time is more challenging than the next time and next times you break the law. The fear of capture and certainty of punishment give pause before breaking a law. Our government guarantees there will be no “capture” and instead of punishment rich rewards. Everyone can learn from that. What do they learn? “Break the law and get rich because there is no punishment for criminal actions.”

This is not a “one time deal”. One learns fast that one can steal up to $950.00 at a time and “no one will try to stop you, or arrest you, or charge you with any crime”. You can steal that amount as many times a day, week, month, and year as you want. What is the impact?

One person stealing $950.00 one-time each day means they steal $346,750.00 per year. Multiply those numbers times the 2,500,000 brand new crooks we just welcomed into our homes and the bill equals $86,500,000,000 +/-. That is $86 Billion every year. This is just for this year’s crop of graduate criminals. Add on next years and the next year’s and the next and it starts to add-up to some real money (by Washington DC standards).

Let’s be realistic, not all 2,500,000 new law breakers will turn to shoplifting. Those 700,000 “gottaways” (known and unknown) are the most likely to re-offend after breaking into the country. They are “gottaways” because they are likely participating in other criminal activities like smuggling, terrorism, trafficking in persons, jaywalking, driving without a license or insurance, murder, arson, rape, mayhem and whatever. They will likely steal more than once a day as there is no fear of punishment. Stealing three times a day will bring you $2,850.00 a day or more than $1,000,000 per year. That’s a pretty good income. It’s risk averse. There is no threat of punishment. No taxes are due. It is free and clear profit.

So, if the “gottaways” all get together and steal thrice daily the bill is $7,000,000,000,000.00 or in other words seven trillion dollars per year. As new criminal graduates enter the market (courtesy of our open borders) this number increases exponentially. In a few years there will be a very rich criminal underclass in our society whose annual booty equals the gross national product of several small countries.

Criminal gain means a loss for the rest of us. First to suffer is the merchant. Then the insurance companies make a one-time payment and stop insuring the merchants. Merchants, to stay in business, are forced to pass along to you and me their loss. We pay higher and higher and higher prices. Inflation due in part to criminal activity that we organized and trained strangles us more every day. Layer the new taxes to pay for the $450,000 given to every new criminal on top of this “Biden Banana Split” and we have a failed state.

Our desire to do the right thing by those less fortunate turns around and bites us. This is a new phenomenon. It did not exist before this administration and the political elites running this country stole power from “we the people”. It is up to us to wrest our nation from the grasp of these domestic enemies.

Article V of the Constitution and the Convention of States is a strong and righteous pathway to regain our nation, and to stop importing and training a criminal social underclass. You can help. Sign your state’s petition. Volunteer your energy, expertise, and time. There are many places to serve.

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