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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Sleep is not something that interests me right now I guess so, I decided I would say what I have to say...what is new?!

As I, like many Americans, am watching the news right now to see where the election results are at this moment. I'm not going to lie, it's scary right now.

The integrity of the United States of America's election process is in question here! At this moment there are still several states that have yet to be called: NV, MI, WI, PA, NC, and GA. What is holding the voting process up you might ask? Mail in ballots of course. With the exception of Georgia, who claimed to have a water pipe break in the ballot counting room. President Trump was in the lead in that state and a water pipe breaks suddenly...seems a bit questionable to me when I believe one county was yet to be counted.

Pennsylvania is a flat out mess, to put it mildly. Election officials were denied entry into polling stations and video captured democratic voting information being handed out to voters in the polling station prior to them voting, which is illegal.

There have been allegations of voter fraud in Michigan also. Nevada will probably be blue but, Trump attorneys have already filled charges in that state. North Carolina and Wisconsin are close and up in the air at this point. As I was watching late last night, well earlier this morning, Trump had a decent lead in Wisconsin and Michigan to where I thought those states would be called for him. A witness reported seeing Ethernet cords connected to the polling stations. When he questioned why that was needed he was told for the thumb drive...

So what changed so suddenly when it seemed like although the race was close, 45 was going to be 45 another 4 years! A woman called in to a morning show I listen to and said she overheard talk in a GA polling place that George Soros once again is meddling with election integrity. She stated this couple was stating he was paying $800 to elderly voters that would not normally vote, to get assistance voting. I'm sure I know which party that assistance was for.

Think what you will about election integrity, whether cheating exists or not. I will tell you being a native Californian, I have never seen so much support for a Republican presidential candidate in my lifetime as I have for president Trump. However, he only received 33% of the vote in my state... I still do not believe it.

As a country, I worry about our current state of affairs and future, period. If Trump is re- elected, we are looking at plenty of aggression from the radical leftists... I witnessed that first hand yesterday at a peaceful Trump protest. We will be looking at another four years of a Democratic House doing everything possible, legal or not, to get Trump out of office. They will fight, along with Mr Soros to make sure a Democrat is elected as POTUS in 2024. They want socialism folks and to control just about every aspect of our lives! You may think you're going to get free college, and free health care but nothing is free. Our taxes will go up so high to pay for all that while the democratic politicians also profit from it! It's not science! And John Doe next to you, well they'll be throwing him a longer rope so he can be equal to you! You might have worked twice as hard while he sat on his couch watching TV drinking beers, but the Dems do not's all about socialism, I mean equality!

45, President Donald J. Trump is fighting a war...YES A WAR! Some of his own party are against him. The deep state is as deep as it can get. The swamp stinks like, well you know and needs to be drained big time...but the "American" people don't want that! That is what the votes are saying...George Soros is a Globalist and is on a mission to destroy America to which he forks out millions of dollars to do. Trump's opponent is bought out by the CCP. Main stream media HATES trump and only reports FAKE NEWS. Big tech is hand in hand with the CCP, the DNC and Soros. BLM/Antifa leaders are now taking seats in the political office. So when I say our President is in a war with those above it IS TRUE! They hate he is not a politician...he is a patriot that loves his country and the American people.

My goal, regardless of what the outcome is of the 2020 election, is to provide everyone with REAL news and information. Answer your questions, have a discussion and talk about what I have researched and learned so I can hopefully keep America great and get God back in it! This way if Trump is re-elected I can help anyone understand envy he is the best choice and get another Republican in office in 2024. If it's Biden, then I will fight to get a Republican back in office I 2024.

Please pray for our country!

Side note: If I do not attach links to a blog like this one and you want proof to my "opinions," our facts if I state it is, please ask and I will be more than happy to provide them. This blog posted from my smartphone.

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