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My Research Keeps Me Researching more and more...

So I was doing research for what I thought was going to be my next blog, and it lead me into researching another area for discussion on that topic, and another, then another....

I have been doing A LOT of research for about two months now regarding politics and the November 3rd elections. Most of the research I was doing on my phone until I realized I had almost 100 tabs opened on Chrome. I researched how to research in anonymity and started using another browser in which I opened up over 100 tabs again; it go confusing. Now I do a majority of it all on my laptop and bookmark the numerous pages as I research!

When I began doing my research, I would joke with my dad and tell him I needed a big board you can stick push pins in and put the red thread around to tie them all together. It may sound funny but really, it's not. If I had that board, the persons picture smack dab in the middle of all the business people, scientists, big tech CEO's, Distinct Attorneys, lawyers, politicians, hate groups... would be George I said, it's never ending.

more to come...

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