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So Let's Watch Some Real News!

One thing I would like to accomplish from creating this website is to get as many folks as possible to break the chain from fake news! I do a lot of research because I have a lot of time. While doing this research I discovered that many media outlets are funded by George Soros, one of the most evil men living on this planet. Soros is a known Globalist and has made it a lifetime goal to destroy America and take control. Well, he has done a pretty good job thus far! I have found while researching so many different organizations and people that just about every one of them lead back to him in some way, shape or form...or money.

Money seems to be what Soros has a lot of and what he uses to control just about everything he comes in contact with, including the media. I will include a snippet here.

The list of media outlets above that Soros has his hands in are just some of them, and you will see why I took a snippet of that section after watching the news video below. I will at a later date include all of media outlets that are leftist corrupt brain washing machines. Until then, I hope you enjoy some REAL NEWS from a REAL outlet. The Epoch Times is one of my favorite and they do have an app you can download. The also premiere documentaries at times free, but you have to watch your notifications. I will be blogging about one I saw last week that left me in awe for quite some time, "Finding Courage."

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