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So Let's Discuss Where The Money Goes

Twitter, a bit tech giant platform of meadow muffins! If you lean left or follow socialism/communism you see every tweet, no problem. Conservatives will usually see this:

Twitter announced today that they will switch the official @POTUS account to Joe Biden on January 20, 2021. This will also take affect on all other White House twitter accounts, regardless if President concedes by that date or not. Twitter Will Transfer Official @POTUS Account to Joe Biden in January (

Now most everyone that pays attention to politics knows that the Trump campaign ran out of substantial funds by the time the elections were held. Substantial meaning enough to spend on large advertisements and such. The Biden campaign however, raised a total of almost $1 billion dollars. Here is a snippet you can see recent donations and see the difference. I have provided the link so you can go see for yourself the opposition that President Trump is facing.

2020 Presidential Election (

Yesterday President Select Biden tweeted the following:

So my question is, where has all of the money that his campaign raised gone? ActBlue and his campaign managed to raise about an average of $300 million more than President Trump did. Keep in mind that ActBlue is the company that collects donations for BLM/Antifa, which really are donations for Democrats. George Soros and family has made many donations to the DNC, some through his organizations at the amount of $10,000. I am sure he can add a few more to it for the transition, if need be!

Research may lead me find if it really has been money for nothing, or get some 'tricks' for free!

Until then, you be the judge!

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