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Part 2 of ?

The world is upside down right now and it may not even be on its axis as we speak, who knows? Everything in it is twisted and warped and literally being torn to shreds. I am hoping you read part one (1) of this series so that you can understand how truly twisted this world is. If you did not, I highly suggest you go read part 1 first before continuing, as this blog takes us into another dimension.

In my blog “Part 1 of?” we explored the presence of aluminum adjuvants in vaccinations. I also told you how my life has been permanently affected by a flu shot. I will not cover my illness any longer as I usually do and will not share my personal experiences unless I see it might have a positive impact on others through my writings. We will, however, continue to explore vaccinations, or might I say the experimental CCP virus shot.

Enter year 2020; a year that hit each and every human being on planet earth like a sledgehammer. All (well most of) our lives were turned upside down by the CCP virus being unleashed on America and then other countries. We will not go into how the virus came about as that is not what the point of this blog is about, so keep your opinions to yourself. Bottom line is that it killed many innocent people and infected many more.

In January of 2020, President Trump (NO, Buyden did NOT get CCP virus vaccines developed) started asking pharmaceutical companies to develop a vaccine for the CCP virus. Three big pharmas came to answer the call and went on a fast track to get the first vaccine on the market. The six-lane race began as follows:

Many thought that once these vaccines came out, life would go back to normal, the masks could come off, vacations could begin, restaurants would open to full capacity and freedom would reign again! Where is a BS emoji when you need it? “They” (you know who they are) never intended for anyone in the world to have any freedom again, except for themselves! Globalists have been planning a one world order for an exceptionally long time; even George H. W. Bush was part of it. We The People just played into their hands like putty from the very beginning. Everyone sat back and said ok, well two weeks for this to play out and life back to normal. What does one do with their time when they are stuck at home on mandatory lockdown?

After some major shadow banning on Facebook and being banned from that socialist platform a couple times, I finally decided to exit it all together and find other social media. Shortly after, Telegram became one of my favorites. I found quite a few channels that fed me with enormous amounts of information to go on and research. The amounts of political information were a bit overwhelming at times and I took a lot of it with a grain of salt. Then I discovered some channels on child and human trafficking. I was appalled at what I saw and learned, but I had to learn more all at the same time; I am an “I can change the world” person.

If a rabbit hole can take you to China, this part 2 blog will do just that so buckle up Alice!

When my research first began on human trafficking, I was concentrating on the politicians that have been accused of some form of pedophilia. Most anyone who keeps up with real media and is not brain washed knows that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been accused of being involved with Jefferey Epstein. After Epstein’s flight logs to his private sex slave island where released, Bill Clinton’s name appeared on it several times. Hillary Clinton has been accused of murdering a young girl with her female lover, Anthony Weiner’s ex-wife Huma Abedin. Hillary and her ex-staffer/girlfriend apparently mutilated the girl beyond recognition and dumped her body in the apartment complex dumpster. NYPD was called but could never dig up enough evidence to charge anyone with the murder, or so they say.

I could go on and on about all the powerful politicians in D.C. that have been accused of disgusting acts of violence with children and adults, but that is another blog. While digging up what I could on the Clinton’s, I came across a rumor of a movie called “Frazzle Drip.” It is only on the dark web and I have no desire to view it. It is supposed to be purely disgusting scenes of Hillary and Huma mutilating and draining the blood, called Adrenochrome, from a child or children. Around the same time a friend of mine told me about Adrenochrome being used in the Catholic church and Hollywood. Becoming intrigued, I started researching this compound.

Adrenochrome is a chemical compound found in our blood and is more prevalent when we are full of adrenaline. For many years, dating back to Babylonian times, drinking children’s blood has been a ritual to keep you young, healthy, and strong. Sadly, this ritual continues to this day. I found many different photos of different Hollywood stars taking part in this ritual. Now I am not sure that the blood was real, but if they are willing to take the pic pretending they are, then what would stop them using real blood. People were killed over their “outing” individuals, or “suicided” and some have just up and disappeared. Some have died from what were determined to be other causes, but after you look at the evidence, it is hard to believe a heart attack was the cause.

In June of 2020, there was a data dump on the internet of some information that a lady from Germany accidentally stumbled upon. She ordered two USB drives from Amazon. When she received them one package was open. As she was preparing to return it, she thought to check it out first out of curiosity. What she found scared her to death and she had no idea what to do with it at first. She finally decided to reach out to a person she followed on Gab and ask for his help. He asked for the information and loaded it on a public platform for anyone to see. It contained pages of information that did not make a lot of sense until some research was done on it.

For days upon days and morning until morning, I buried my head in my laptop researching every little bit of information I could pull off every page of this data dump. What I found was beyond repulsive…

Stay will NOT want to miss what comes next!

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