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Plantation-ification of America

This is an apocalyptic vision of our future if the Biden Administration legislative agenda succeeds. We will see a return to a plantation-based economy, a permanent underclass of unskilled and uneducated laborers, a one-party political system, and a political elite elected “for life”. The “tipping point” for all of this could happen by July 4, 2023

The term “plantation” arose as the southern settlements, originally linked with colonial expansion, came to revolve around the production of agriculture. Though wealthy aristocrats ruled the plantations, the laborers powered the system.

Perfect Storm Brewing to Return US to Plantation System

First, Unconditional Surrender of our Southern Border. Estimates of monthly “illegal migrants” reach 500,000. By July 4, 2023 (since the Biden Administration took office) there will be 9 million new “illegal Migrants” in the US. Let’s put this number into context. According to the 2020 Census the largest city in the US (New York City) has only 8,804,190 people. There are no cities in the US that equal 9 million people. In fact, there are only 12 of the fifty states with total populations above 9 million people.

These “illegals” are characterized as Economic Opportunity Migrants (ECOMs). They are (for the most part) uneducated, illiterate, or barely literate, cannot read, write, or speak English, have no job skills, or few job skills. The ECOMs come from all points on the planet but mostly from the 3rd World. Their home countries are seeing a “Brawn Drawn” of their poorest and least economically viable classes.

These young, strong, unskilled, uneducated, hardworking people seek their fortunes and a better life in the USA. Who can blame them? Where will they, do they, find work? Those segments of the economy which can absorb large numbers of unskilled and uneducated workers are only labor-intensive areas of agriculture, service industries like housekeeping and food service. A growth area is likely to be in the safety and security area as pressure to defund police and trends in courts to no longer enforce the law will drive private security and private police forces. These are unskilled jobs where numbers and brute force have a place.

Second, imprisoned domestic oil and gas production drives demand for more and more imported fuels. Retail prices at the gas pump could rise to more then $8.00 per gallon by July 2023. All goods and services which require movement through the economy will take a body blow in greater costs. The end user of any and all goods and services will eventually pay for these increases. That is, you and me brother! We pay at the end of the day. Inflation (in case you missed it) is a TAX on the consumer. Inflation will hit above 6% by July 2023. As inflation tends to accelerate exponentially it could be much, much higher.

Third, election reform laws which are a disguised manipulation and control of the election results by one party will inexorably lead to a one-party system of government. As surely as night follows day, political elites will be “elected for life”. We see this trend today in the antiques in the federal government (Pelosi, Feinstein, Biden, and others). The Biden legislative agenda will solidify a socialist government. To celebrate this great achievement, the name of this country will change from United States of America (USA) to United Socialist States of America (USSA). The tipping point for this will be July 4, 2023.

Fourth, elimination of the 2nd Amendment. Among the first actions by the newly “elected for life” elite will be elimination of the 2nd Amendment to strangle that last form of resistance from “patriots”. Elimination of the threat to the “elected for life elite” has the intended consequence of leaving the rest of the population unprotected. Laws not enforced, and crime unpunished will be the hallmark of the new American Order.

Fifth, uncontrolled government spending, borrowing, taxation and printing currency, this will drive financial catastrophe. Runaway inflation followed by loan defaults, will cripple. America’s international trade. Trade drives a standard of living. This will drive our standard of living further and further downward. Only the “elected for life” elite and their clique of enabling industry executives will see their lifestyles improve. The balance of Americans will grow poorer.

The Brawn Drawn from the 3rd World will be the largest population migration in the world’s history. This tsunami of humanity will swamp the US financially. Technology driven agriculture based on machines will discover an abundance of very cheap human labor. With energy prices “going through the roof”, machines will sit idle and human energy will replace them. Government incentives to put the flood of “ECOMs” to work enable the slide away from technology towards human energy.

Agribusiness will be encouraged with tax advantages and grants to build self-contained work units which will house and feed farm workers and their families. Think of the migrant worker houses of the 1940s on steroids. Housing, mess halls, churches, schools, medical care, and the company store will be encouraged and paid for by the Biden government. Minimum wage laws will be suspended for farm workers. Child labor will be encouraged as a part of the child’s education. The underclass of common laborer will gel. Upward mobility will be discouraged. The plantation is back!

Expand this concept beyond agriculture. All industry has a labor component. In the past, as labor costs and availability were challenged, machines took up the slack. Now the reverse will happen. Labor surpluses versus increased machine acquisition, operating and maintenance costs drive a return to the plantation existence.

Cheap, unskilled, and uneducated labor will be a boon to the housekeeping and food service industries. Princess Pelosi will now have a dozen servants to mow her lawn, dress her dogs, do her hair, and write her memoires. Her ranch in Eastern California will become a plantation. All that is missing to a return to a plantation economy are Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler.

There is little time left for the Convention of States to regain control of an overreaching government bent of destruction of this nation. We must act strongly and soon. Please take action to sign our petition.


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