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President's Day

To My Favorites, #1, #16 & #45

President's Day; a day celebrated since long before I was born. Although it is called President's Day, it was originally brought about to celebrate George Washington's birthday, February 11, 1731. It has since been looked at as celebrating Washington and Lincoln's birthday's combined. Congress voted to make President's Day a Federal Holiday in 1879.

Over time other President's have been thanked and/or celebrated on this day, living or not. This past Saturday, 2/13/2021 House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in 'so many words' during his continuous rambling, that Donald J. Trump is a selfish former president. Schumer said, "Let the record show, let the record show, before God, History, and the solemn oath we swear to the Constitution, that there was only one correct verdict in this trial: guilty. And I pray that while justice was not done in this trial, it will be carried forward by the American people, who above any of us in this chamber, determine the destiny of our great nation."

Some items to point out here:

-When do they follow the Constitution? If they had, the Impeachment trial would never have existed in the first place.

-Guilty? NOOO! The Senators that voted guilty apparently do not know the Constitution.

-Pray? to who?

-Justice? There was NO justice to be done during 'this' trial to DJT anyway...

-American people...determine the destiny of our great nation? That, has not happened for many many years!! Ask the Elite!

So, as much as these liberal puppets would like to completely eliminate Donald J. Trump from the Presidential history books, it is NOT happening. Therefore, I am adding him to the list of celebrated Presidents today. It may not be part of the President's Day tradition, but not much else is left to tradition any more. DJT deserves the show of appreciation as much as any other President in American History.

Thank you George Washington (#1), for guiding America away from tyranny and fighting for our freedom. Many historians have claimed that Washington was a non-believer and even a Freemason. We may never know the truth regarding the Freemason claim, but there has been plenty of evidence to the contrarily that he did believe in God. It unfortunately has been left out of history books over recent years in attempts to diminish this fact. Take the time to study some of the history during his battles in the Revolution War and put the pieces together. Then read this; An Appeal to Heaven Flag - WallBuilders. ALWAYS remember the Constitution was based on Biblical principles!

President Abraham Lincoln (#16), you sir deserve so much more respect and gratitude than you have received the past few years. Your greatest accomplishment of abolishing slavery in America, is continuously overlooked in history, or being spoken of in dishonest ways. Your love for all Americans should never be removed from American history! The Emancipation Proclamation | National Archives (Take the time to see and read some REAL history). Thank you President Lincoln for all that you courageously did for this beautiful country!

During the past four years I have became very political and followed all that was going on with the President Donald J. Trump administration. I could say that liberals set out from the very beginning to destroy President Trump, but that would not be factual. Add to it Rino's, Never Trumpers, Main Stream Media, Deep State, Big Tech, CCP, Hollywood and more; now you have the facts. Regardless of the War On Trump, he has worked tirelessly to accomplish more than any president in my life time, making him my favorite. Thank you President Trump, for ALL you have done in four short years! Promises Kept | President Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments


The following video is from George News Telegram channel.

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