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Warriors for the Truth, But NOT to Fight the Trolls

Yesterday I attended a support President Trump motorcade and Stand With Trump rally after. I have attended several of these rallies prior to the elections and after the elections. Regardless of the time of day, we are always met with some sort of resistance. Most of the time it is younger people from the left yelling out of their cars calling us profanities and giving us the finger. We get an occasional thumbs down. We have had rocks thrown at us, eggs, drinks or liquids of who knows what thrown at us, cars racing toward us like they are going to hit us and plenty of other forms of rage.

A BLM supporter came around in the morning with his flag and blow horn yelling his chants out of his car but quickly left. At the standing rally later there were several physical alterations between the leftist trolls and the Trump supporters. I only witnessed one that ended up in the street in traffic. As we drove by police had one individual in cuffs.

While I was attending the stand up rally, my dad stayed by the truck. As he watched from a distance he was met with two trolls that used a few choice words at my 70 year old dad and were trying to get him to engaged in an altercation with them. My dad stood his ground, but he did not antagonize the trolls.

My fellow patriots; we gather to support our President Trump of course, the best president in my lifetime! To show the world that we believe that OUR votes were cancelled out by the widespread fraud that occurred during the 2020 election. We stand for the Constitution of The United States of America and to show that we CAN AND WILL BE UNITED with POTUS 45 not 46! We meet other patriots like ourselves so that we can network and make this unity stronger and stronger. And most of all, we Stand With Trump and rally to show that we are strong in our relationships with God! That Jesus Christ is our Lord and savoir and we believe it is his will that prevails.

By giving in to the trolls words, and that is all they have, just words, we are weakening everything we are standing for. We are demoralizing ourselves and putting others in danger. God wants warriors, but not physical fighters!

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