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So I Want To Show You This...

I saw this the night it was first aired; I was in awe. I DID my own homework like Glenn Beck said. I took notes while watching this episode. I researched and I thought, OH MY GOSH! What If he is right? So I had to do something and I started blowing up Facebook with posts. I was slowly shadow banned. I was censored quite a bit but I did not give up! My friends and family think I am crazy, maybe a conspiracy theorist, but I can guarantee you, I am NOT. As one of my favorite political strategists Steve Bannon says, "There are no conspiracy theories, but there are no coincidences either."

So PLEASE, watch this video and see for yourself, this was the plan all along.

Side note: It will end before Glenn Beck finishes explaining. I have a blaze tv subscription and can inform you of the last 10 minutes. If you are interested, message me and I will post a written conclusion.

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