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So What's Wrong With Watching Some Videos?

About two years ago I had heard of the TikTok craze and how much fun it was to watch the videos on that platform, so I decided to download the app on my Fire tablet. While setting it up I remember all the permissions and thinking "wow, this is a lot of permissions!" I did not want it on my phone because my contacts were there but not on my tablet. I used my tablet to play games only. Fast forward to a few months ago...

Trump some how knew that the developers of TikTok were up to something. I have to wonder how because I doubt he used it for personal reasons...maybe Barron used it. Regardless, Trump knew what he was doing when he wanted to ban TikTok from the USA. There is absolutely no reason what so ever that anyone in China should know anything about anyone in the United States. Collecting that much data about United States citizens I would hope is a global crime? The company Cambridge Analytica collected data from people using Facebook in certain U.S. regions for the 2016 Election. This was considered an invasion of their privacy and a few lawsuits did come from it with no results as of last time I had heard.

Companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and just about every other website out there, including this one collects your information for cookies and analytic purposes. That is why you will see the cookies bar and privacy settings shown on them. With TikTok it's there, but what they collect is so much more it is scary to know that

a country with that much power, that much control has our information.

Please watch this video. It will explain why TikTok is a dangerous platform much better than I will. And after you watch it, I hope you will understand why President Trump was watching out for the citizens of the United States of America.

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