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God Bless The Men and Women Who Fought For Our Freedom!

Veterans Day (honoring all Veterans) is a nationally recognized holiday not to be confused with Memorial Day (honoring soldiers that lost their lives in battle).

At the end of World War I, a temporary suspension of the war was agreed upon and signed into effect on the eleventh hour November 11, 1918. At this time, it was called the “war to end all wars” and named Armistice Day. Congress officially recognized Armistice Day in 1938 and it became a national holiday to honor WWI veterans.

The “war to end all wars” unfortunately did not happen the way so many had hoped. Americans were called to serve in WWII and the Korean War, so Congress decided to change the word “armistice” to “veterans” in 1954 and honor American veterans of ALL wars. Congress attempted to celebrate a few federal holidays on Monday, in hopes of stimulating the economy with long travel weekends. This plan confused many when it was set for the fourth Monday of every October. Many states took action into their own ‘hands’ and continue to observe Veterans day in November, as it originally was. President Ford signed the Public Law 94-97 into effect 9/20/1975, returning the holiday back to November 11th, in 1978.

Other countries around the world also celebrate Veterans Day since they were part of WWI also. Canada, Great Britain and Australia all call November 11th “Remembrance Day.” Great Britain celebrates the holiday on the Sunday closest to November 11th. To celebrate and honor veterans they wear red poppy flowers, have parades, hold services and two minutes of silence in London to honor those who lost their lives in war. Canada wears red poppy flowers to honor those that paid the ultimate sacrifice during the war. Australia celebrates Veterans Day more like how we memorialize on Memorial Day.

Since it is Veterans Day, I did not want to end this blog with just informational history, I also wanted to provide some statistical history to amplify the importance of celebrating this day for its TRUE meaning. Veterans Day along with Memorial Day is not a day to BBQ, drink beers, light off fireworks and act a fool. I hope after you see the following statistics, you can put them into perspective and realize what has REALLY been given for the freedom that many Americans hold so dear.


America’s Wars Total (1775 – 1991)

U.S. Military Service during Wartime - 41,892,128

Battle Deaths - 651,031

Other Deaths (IN THEATER = died in country of war, but not in battle) - 308,800

Other Deaths (Non-Theater) - 230,254

Non-mortal Wounding’s - 1,430,290

Living War Veterans - 14,918,000

Living Veterans (Periods of War & Peace) - 19,210,000


I would like to input all the statistical data that breaks down the above table by conflict, however, it is a lot to input. I am providing the link so that you can go view that statistics. Remember while you are doing so, that one life lost is too many, and many have been lost.

19,210,000 Million veterans walk among us daily, please take some time to thank one for their service!

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