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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

So Don't Mess With Texas

I really wanted to do a blog on the Biden/Harris bus "take over" by the Trump Train in Texas but I have been gone the past couple days attending Trump rallies. So I will quickly (hopefully) say this and share a couple links at the end.

It is not news or new to me that the leftist liberals are a bunch of hypocrites. But, it just gets so old how they continually blame Trump for doing what they do. I heard a former mayor of Baltimore MD on the Water Cooler earlier blaming Trump for shenanigans I.e. the "bus takeover" and voter suppression. Her statements really are laughable...please watch the interview starting around 16 minutes in.

Other media blasted Trump for saying "I love Texas" in a tweet that showed video of his supporters driving around the bus. More news articles I read showed that it was a planned Trump Train to 'escort' the bus out of town, but not run it off the road. I've watched several videos, read several articles and did not see any violence by the Trump supporters.

At first, I thought the black truck South the Trump flag was at fault for the minor accident. However, after seeing other photos and videos I saw it differently. The Biden/Harris staffer was driving into the trucks lane before the accident. Early investigation has concluded the same. I will provide links and let you be the judge.

My point here is that it seems the left is always twisting the truth to fit what they want. They blame Trump for the riots, yet Harris publicly says people should be rioting. Then she starts a bail out fund in Minneapolis that posts bail for rioters and hard core criminals with the left over funds. Obama says TRUMP doesn't want to do work and hasn't done anything the past 4 years. What exactly did the Obama/Biden administration do in 8 years? Not much to my memory except start the divide of our nation that our POTUS gets blamed for. President Trump has been nominated for multiple noble peace prizes and for good reason! It just seems there is a constant circle of blame. I don't want a blame game from either side.

As a nation, we all need to come together and agree to disagree. Most of all, put God back in the places it is being eliminated!

Side note: This blog was done on my smartphone so I apologize for any mistakes!

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