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What ever happened to the days of neighborhoods full of kids out playing; riding their bikes, hunting for lizards, roller skating to get ice cream (yes, we did that), having sleep overs with your gal pals and just hanging out in the 100-degree temps while your parents mowed the lawns and washed the cars? Mom would tell you, “Ask your father when he gets home from work.” It almost sounds too ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ or ‘The Twilight Zone’ like anymore.

Welcome to the future of Virtual Reality called Metaverse. VR is nothing new as technology over the years has created VR experiences for quite some time. Many VR experiences can be very exciting. However, we are now living in an era of VR consumption that has forced this world’s youth into a permanent trance; almost apocalyptic Zombie-ish.

The introduction of the World Wide Web, or Internet was groundbreaking to say the least. It has allowed people the ability to quickly communicate with others in other countries faster than the speed of sound. Unfortunately, power and money hungry oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) have used it to their advantage over the years by collecting our data that WE let them collect. Now, Zuckerberg wants to take it to an extreme next level with Metaverse. Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stated that this new idea for a Metaverse is “a dystopian corporate dictatorship.” Isn’t that like the “pot calling the kettle black?” But Dorsey did kinda nail it!

So, what is this Metaverse you must be wondering by now? I am not 100% sure but, I will do my best to explain. Metaverse will consist of many different digital environments. More than likely it will require using a headset like the Oculus Quest 2 that was created by Facebook. People will have the ability to ‘go’ to a concert or maybe check out the newest movie release. There ‘may’ be banking, and you will be able to WORK in the metaverse; yes, work your 40 hours a week job. You can try on new clothing, and some have said that new cars may even be released in the metaverse prior to the ‘real world’ (although to Zuck this IS the real world) giving you the ability to take it for a test spin! Oh, and never fear, I am sure your data will ‘safely’ be stored in the metaverse for you!

The future of our REAL world, unless we fix it now!

Real world is no longer the real world. For many of the ‘younger’ generation the real world is now VR and may be the metaverse soon. There will be no need to leave your house after the introduction of Zuckerberg’s “dystopian” metaverse. We can all do everything we need to do from the comfort of our homes. No need for that good ol’ fashioned Vitamin D to keep us healthy. We can really start looking like Zombies! No need for in-person contact when you have the metaverse and all of the VR apps that Facebook has created already like Workspace and Horizons. Thus, making a transition into the metaverse a sinch for the Zuck! No wonder he has already hired 10,000 people in Europe to work on the project.

We can only thank ourselves for this mess of future technology, well our future period! We have let computers raise our children via smartphone, laptop, or gaming systems. Parents themselves have THEIR eyes fixated on their smartphones. Ozzie and Harriet style parenting no longer exist in this world, and Zuckerberg and his Oculus and metaverse creations know this. They are quickly taking advantage of the younger generations so that THEY can raise them, influence them, and feed them the news THEY want to feed them. But, most of all, these oligarchs are creating the ultimate lockdown, and we are letting them!

Now, do something useful and go do some research for yourself on what I just blogged about. ALWAYS research everything for yourself, and have your children do the same. They WILL thank you in the long run!

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