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"Disinformation and blatant lies" is what the mainstream media wants everyone to believe is being pushed by the legal team of President Trump.

20 days after the 2020 general elections, the American people are still left with no answers and confusion as to what is going on at this point. However, ask just about any Democrat and liberal leftist, they are quick to state that Joe Biden is now President elect (select). This is NOT legally accurate.

On November 4, 2020 the Trump legal Team filed a few lawsuits in different jurisdictions claiming voter fraud based on eye witness accounts. The team has drawn up affidavits, hundreds of them which constitute as evidence. I am not a lawyer and will never claim to be one, but based on what I studied in college, filing these suits in court not only stops the process of certifying the electoral votes in the states in question but it also gives the attorneys time gather more evidence.

The Epoch Times has released an article that I have found worth posting and encouraged me to write this blog.

Expert: Hard Evidence of Corruption in US Election System

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I believe a lot is going to suddenly emerge regarding voter fraud in the United States of America. There are excellent attorneys working on getting the truth exposed: Rudy Giuliani who took down the New York Mafia, Lin Wood who has a long list of high profile clients, and Sidney Powell (representing General Flynn) working independently for the American people!

November 4th I began doing my own research in the Dominion voting system because I did not and still do not believe the results of California elections. Interesting finds:

-Dominion was backed by Department of Homeland Security. After researching I found that Krebs had links to others in Dominion owning stock shares. Further research led me to...

-A portion of Google was 'down' starting 11/3 - 11/4 causing a large high threat security breach to government agencies.

-Obama encouraged the sale of SOE, an American voting system software to Scytl.

-Scytl software which is found in the Dominion voting systems is used in nearly half of the United States and in 41 of the 58 counties in California, (most other systems owned by Dominion, but different voting type) has servers located OUTSIDE the United States.

-SmartMatic is primarily owned by Lord Mark Malloch Brown who has also served on the BOD of The Open Society Foundation, George Soros' biggest non profit used to fund many Democratic politicians.

-SmartMatic and George Soros/Open Society share office space

-There were different patents filled on Dominion parts, designs and software leading up to the November 2020 elections I found noteworthy. I would have to pull them off my laptop as I am on my phone right now. I do remember one patent was originally filed in China in 2017 if I remember correctly, and transferred to the US for final patent.

-Clinton Foundation donated to Dominion Voting Systems.

-Nancy Pelosi's former chief of staff has invested funds with Dominion

-Joe Biden has began a fundraiser for his transition team after raising nearly $1 billion this election period? There is still one month to report yet!

-Media, Democrats, AND Some Republicans are calling for President Trump to concede now! He is being a selfish bully by holding his ground...why?

-The Lincoln Project is pushing hard against the lawyers and witnesses who are on the side of uncovering voter fraud. (learn what the Lincoln Project is)

-BLM leader Patrisse Cullors sent a letter to President select Biden/Harris team wanting a meeting to discuss a "payback" of sorts for helping them win the election.

BLM/Antifa is a George Soros funded anti-American, Marxism, socialist backed organization.

More than likely I am forgetting facts off the top of my head, but believe me, there are plenty.

It is time that we the patriots of America stand up and push back at these liberal leftists that want to destroy and remove everything that our founding fathers worked so hard to form for We The People!

Set aside your ignorance (just saying) for one evening and read how and why the Constitution of the United States of America was declared.

When you are done, listen to this beautifully spoken Gettysburg Address by Johnny Cash

Millions of men and women have fought for our freedom, and unfortunately paid the ultimate price! For that reason, I will continue to fight, for a renewed freedom of government, for the people!

Please Join Me!!

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