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So What's Up With This Voter Fraud?

I would like to take all day to do some research and produce an awesome blog about voter fraud but, I am trying to get as many blogs done in the next three days as possible. So, I will provide a lot of links for you…links are fun right?

Ask any liberal politician and voter fraud is nonexistent, at least on their part. They are great at master planning something then denying it. Listen to this video from the first Presidential debate:

Remember the video of Hillary Clinton telling Joe Biden what he must NOT do after the elections? Just saying…

There have been ballots found in trash cans, ditches, and even more serious are the schemes to register elderly Samali immigrants to vote in Minneapolis by Representative Ilhan Omar. You can see more on this here

A group called Project Veritas started in 2011 by James O’Keefe, has been investigating multiple voter fraud allegations around the country. One that caught my eye was a lady that coerced elderly to vote Democrat in Texas. More information on voter fraud at and

My point is this: if the Democrats are so quick to say that voter fraud is nonexistent, then why are there organizations dedicated to investigating it, with evidence to back it up? It was the Democratic party that was so quick to push the nationwide mail in voting process. It has never worked in previous elections much smaller than this. One must ask themselves; why did they think it would work now? I do not believe they did and that is my point!

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