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Can we have a discussion as to why the media has been oblivious to the Biden scandal?!

It has been nearly two weeks since the New York post released what was shocking evidence regarding Hunter Biden’s “forgotten” laptop. The media has been all over it ever since! OH WAIT!! My BAD! I was talking about the real media...real journalists like Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters of The National Pulse, Steve Gruber and Tudor Dixon from Real America’s Voice News, BreitBart, OANN, Newsmax, The Epoch Times and a handful more. Notice that I did not include Fox News in that list. 

Within hours of the New York Post tweeting the link to the Hunter Biden laptop article, Twitter had removed the post and locked their account. Twitter also blocked all other tweeters from linking to the article. One must ask themselves, why?

Facebook also censored the article from its platform in record time. Once again, leaving one to wonder, why? I have a pretty good idea, but more on that in a different blog. Mark Zuckerberg alone creates a lot of items up for discussion. My question is if these social media platforms are going to ‘choose’ what they are and are not going to allow to be posted, then shouldn’t they start being regulated as a media organization?

Five days until the great citizens of the United States of America are due to step foot in a voting booth and vote for either our current President, Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Mainstream media is forgetting to ask Joe Biden about his son’s laptop when they DO have the chance. They are forgetting to ask right? They ask what flavor of ice cream he's having...

Bias in the mainstream media is nothing new in the USA, it has been around for many years. Every two years is an election year...yes folks we do have elections every two (2) years! Every four (4) years we elect your state governor or president of the USA. During election years it is easy to see where each media outlet stands with its political views, most don’t have a left leg anymore unfortunately. [More on that in another blog] However, in my 52 years of life I have never seen more hatred and partisanship from the news during a Presidential election year than this one. 

So where is the mainstream media at right now on researching Hunter Biden’s laptop? Are CNN, MSNBC and NPR asking the critical questions 5 days before THE most important election, at least in MY lifetime? [Another blog!] Beter yet, where is Hunter? We know where Joe Biden is right now. How many REGISTERED voters still need to vote? How many mail in ballots are in ditches or landfills? Will the ‘Biden scandal’ change the mind of the liberals yet to vote if they DO hear about it? Or has the M.S.M. brain washed too many with Trump Derangement Syndrome....I could go on and on.

Side note: Trending on Google: “can I change my vote if I already mailed in my ballot?”

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